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The Story, Morning Glory

I hold degrees in Business, Business Management and Political Science.  While I minored in Marketing as well as Advertising my true knowledge of it came from trial and error mixed with necessity.


As a partner in a new restaurant it felt like the funds were not present to invest in an agency and frankly I didn't feel anyone could execute my vision as well as I could.  


I wish that I had understood the importance of a strong brand in concert with a striking logo years before I actually had.  I truly believe that my lack of knowledge and trust in outside assitance hurt me in the beginning.  Had I realized then the value in a start-up investment, I would have saved wasted dollars on ineffective marketing campaigns and become more successful faster. 

Learn from my mistakes.

The Drive

Why consult and design for other businesses when you have a successful one of your own? Quite frankly, because I love it! 


I love getting involved in an industry that I am not familar with, learning how different customer bases think and applying basic design and advertising principles to them while allowing them to be what they need to be.  


I do not look at a salon and apply restaurant marketing ideas, they won't work - but I do take my personal knowledge of owning a business and dealing with customers and bills and purveyors and apply it in a way that maybe a business owner hasn't thought of yet.


And believe me, I learn more and more from each business owner I've worked with.  Web platforms I've never tried, printing companies, marketing gimics, you name it and I try to absorb it. 

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